About Maria Leona

High quality organic olive oil

Our Origins

The art of olive growing has been transmited in our family for generations. Today, the olive grove is still in the hands of the family and is run by the siblings Bernardo and Fuensanta Torres.

On the far left of the photo you can see our grandmother María Leona -the one who gives our olive oil its name- who has contributed significantly to today’s success story.

Andalucia - Our Region

In addition to the sun, the beach, the Flamenco and the historical buildings that reflect the cultural richness of our region: Andalusia above all stands out for its gastronomy. No other ingredient represents Andalusian cuisine better than olive oil. The cultivation of olive trees in Andalusia  and especially the export of olive oil were developed more than 2000 years ago within the Roman Empire.

The province of Jaen is located in the northeastern interior of Andalusia, it has endless olive groves. Jaen, due to its privileged climatic and soil conditions, is the largest olive growing region in the world and the home of María Leona. And it is in Alcaudete a small town in the province of Jaen, where our olive grove of centenary trees is placed.