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Our Origins

High quality organic olive oil

Fuensanta Torres


In 2011 I came to Vienna (Austria) to do a PhD in the field of computer vision. During this time I met my partner here and we ground our family, which was a turning point in my professional career.
During my maternity leave, I went back to my roots and introduced myself to the fascinating world of high quality olive oil -participating in congresses, tasting courses and visiting renowned producers in different countries.
With Maria Leona I would like to make the experience of the highest quality olive oil – with a fresh smell and taste of green olive juice and descriptors of fruits and aromatic herbs – accessible to as many people as possible.

Bernardo Torres


I have been working with passion and dedication for 20 years in our family business of olive cultivation.
In addition to working in the olive grove, I has been able to constantly expand my knowledge through training courses and successfully initiate the transition to organic and sustainable cultivation.
Soil management and biodiversity preservation are especially important to me.

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